July 22, 2014

I haven’t blogged a lot of Wander Over Yonder stuff, but I’m pretty proud of how these two turned out, so I wanted to plug them. 

The Night and The Day are two eleven minute episodes that aired together. They have opposite plots, opposite protagonists, and, if you get two beers in me because you like it when I sound like a jerky freshman English major, opposite themes. But that’s not even the cool part! The cool part is, played back to back, they form a perfect loop. The plots stand alone but also lead right into each other. You could play both of them chicken-or-egg-style until you see the secret Masonic messages I hid in them. (Not really.) (Maybe?) 

My other favorite part is how the idea came about: When I was still working on the show, back in 2012 because cartoons take forever, production and writing were both way behind. We were feeling boxed in by having to think of simple episodes that wouldn’t put a strain on the artists and Craig, frustrated, said we should just do an episode where the characters napped for eleven minutes straight. “The Nap.” We all half-laughed, because that is what you do when your boss makes an unhelpful suggestion. But then he said, no, seriously, we should do that. So we did. 

If you want to check them out, you can watch them on Amazon or iTunes. 

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